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Uses of BindableElement in org.apache.batik.bridge.svg12

Fields in org.apache.batik.bridge.svg12 declared as BindableElement
 BindableElement DefaultXBLManager.XBLRecord.boundElement
          The bound element that owns this shadow tree, if this node is an XBLOMShadowTreeElement.

Methods in org.apache.batik.bridge.svg12 with parameters of type BindableElement
protected  void DefaultXBLManager.fireShadowTreeEvent(BindableElement elt, String type, XBLShadowTreeElement e)
          Fires a ShadowTreeEvent of the given type on this element.
protected  void DefaultXBLManager.setActiveDefinition(BindableElement elt, DefaultXBLManager.DefinitionRecord defRec)
          Sets the given definition as the active one for a particular bindable element.
protected  void DefaultXBLManager.setXblShadowTree(BindableElement elt, XBLOMShadowTreeElement newShadow)
          Sets the shadow tree for the given bindable element.

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